Avatars Trips Pets

Surreal runs on every major VR device

And on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices

Leap In

We're early adopters just like you, and have the original prototypes to prove it. If you're using the Rift with Leap Motion, Surreal will give you a uniquely immersive experience, including the ability to manipulate objects with your avatar's hands and call up menus out of thin air as you've only seen in the movies.

Majority Rapport

Yes, like in that movie. Our goal is not just to engage your sense of wonder, however. We want to enable completely natural communication between you and your friends, so you can use your hands when you talk to share media, shop, choose adventures, or simply talk with your hands.

Social VR as you imagined it

With SurrealVR, you'll feel as if you're really there, and you'll want to share the experience with others! You'll be able to share screenshots and even 360 videos of your Surreal Adventures with your friends at the touch of a virtual button!

This is what VR was made for!

Getting your own dragon as a companion, training it, and then riding it and exploring your medieval kingdom, all the while seamlessly using your hands to interact with it. Engaging in some aerial acrobatics over Manhattan at dawn, your friends in tow, using your futuristic VTOL drone, and then hopping to the Jurassic to check out T-Rex.