Virtual reality
is no longer just
a special effect
Experience it today
On your own device!

Surreal is an immersive game world where players engage in real-time adventures with their friends. Maybe you're in the mood to hunt dinosaurs at the edge of the forest, go skiing or skydiving, try your luck in the casino, dance the night away or just kick back in the hot tub and talk about your day. You can do all that, and more. You are a passenger on our ship that is much bigger on the inside than on the outside, and offers exotic excursions in both space and time. And Surreal is an open platform with new content coming online all the time, so we'll keep you entertained, whether you want to ride with Genghis Khan or dance to Chaka Khan.

Surreal runs on Mobile

And Every major VR device

Leap In

We're early adopters just like you, and have the original prototypes to prove it. If you're using the Rift with Leap Motion, Surreal will give you a uniquely immersive experience, including the ability to manipulate objects with your avatar's hands and call up menus out of thin air as you've only seen in the movies.

Majority Rapport

Yes, like in that movie. Our goal is not just to engage your sense of wonder, however. We want to enable completely natural communication between you and your friends, so you can use your hands when you talk to share media, shop, choose adventures, or simply talk with your hands.

Who Needs TV when you got T-Rex?

If you got that reference, you know that Surreal is not just for young dudes. We believe that for virtual reality to truly arrive, it needs to be attractive to casual and mid-core players, to pretty much everyone who uses Facebook today. But if you got T-Rex, you're going to use him.

So You Can Try It Today!

Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear Users

We'll be available as soon as the Rift is available for retail. Want to try it right now? Or using a more experimental device? Contact us and we'll be happy to arrange for a demo.

Share Entire Experiences And Adventures

We believe that virtual reality is better with friends, so your Surreal avatar is tied to your Facebook identity. You can create an avatar and check out Surreal, Right Now, by downloading our Facebook app.

This is the VR You're Looking For

Wires everywhere not quite doing it for you? You no longer have to be strapped in like the Borg to experience Virtual Reality in its fullest. Play Surreal on the go with your Android phone, then use your Google Cardboard to whisk yourself away into a fully immersive experience.

How about them Apples?

We're eagerly awaiting what Apple will do in the space. Will they let Microsoft Hololens own it? Sony? Facebook with the Rift? We're fully committed to making Surreal available on every relevant device. In the meantime, you can fully experience it on your iPhone or iPad.

Can I See It?

Here's a quick peek at what we're talking about. For the impatient ones, T-Rex is at 1:46

If you're reading this, you're really, really interested, unless you scrolled waay, waay down by accident. The info below is for you:


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